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My own personal wonderland is a place of infinite possibility that exists in my head. It is a place where I felt completely free to think without worrying about time or other people’s perceptions. In my own personal wonderland, I have many colorful ideas that float through my mind, waiting to be brought to reality, but sadly there is not enough time or energy to create everything that I want, so they stay there. I have so many ideas for what I want to create that I get overwhelmed by them and sometimes it feels like these ideas weigh me down because I cannot always bring all of them to life in the way that I want. Despite this feeling, to me it is a beautiful place. It is a place of renewal and stimulation. It looks different everyday, but there are constant ideas that remain. It is filled with layers of myself, of my subconscious, and it is decorated with things that influence me. As an artist I am inspired by things that I am drawn to, the evolution of myself, and by various things that I find beauty, or even ugliness in. To paint a picture of what it might look/ feel like: the way the sun sparkles on the sea, fragments of my favorite music, images of clothing flash before in small images as if looking through a viewmaster toy, a dream that you can almost remember, dust particles that dance in the light of large windows, the feeling of sun on the skin, and a thousand other things, things that I love without question, without knowing why. All that surrounds me inspires me and I interpret it in different ways. What exists within my own mind reminds me of my connection to everything else in the world. Sometimes I spend too much time in my own head, I am an idealist who always dreams of the future, but I find ways of staying grounded.


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